I have been baking since I was old enough to stir a spoon

I grew up with there always being homemade desserts available and continue this even today.

One day, looking for a change, I stuck my head into the pastry kitchen at the hotel I was working at and practically begged the chef to give me a chance and teach me how to make some of the amazing treats that would come out of their kitchen. Luck was on my side and I spent the next two years learning through long hours, many tears, insults, and embarrassing moments, how to create some the classic french pastries. Macaroons, caramels, cream puffs, and oh, the key lime pies (it was Florida by the way). I loved what I was doing however the intensity of the kitchen, to perfect flat rice crispy treats or quenelle ice cream became a little too much. I moved to Chicago and was thrilled to find a job in a well known pastry shop where they made everything from scratch! Alas the chef personalities and the unattainable expectation for perfection left me bewildered and confused.

I would bring treats home, ones deemed unworthy for sale at the shop due to their imperfections, not understanding how if they still tasted good, and their only flaw was that they didn't look exactly like the other, why were they considered bad??

I'm happy to be running imPerfect Pastries, an opportunity to share my homemade creations with others. I make no guarantees that they will all look the same but they will satisfy any craving you may have. I'm constantly trying out new recipes, always looking for something different to make!