Welcome to imPerfect Pastries!


The Concept

Whether looking for a unique gift for a client or a treat for yourself or a friend, we have something for everyone to satisfy that sweet craving!  Each item is baked to order from scratch with the highest quality of ingredients and shipped to anyone who lives in the United States. imPerfect Pastries  specializes in cookies, bars and tarts. We are interested and willing to make any special requests you may have! Many corporate gifts are sent during the holidays or as a thank you after a meeting – why not send a home baked creation that is guaranteed to taste amazing and completely show that you were thinking of them. Congratulate a friend or family member on big news with a box of Ying/Yang cookies – chocolate and peanut butter mixed together to taste like heaven. Or make your weekend with a batch of Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies just for yourself!


The Name

From the outside, pastries seem like so much fun: sugar and chocolate and sprinkles and icing. Professionally, pastry is a competition in perfection. The slightest flaw in your line or the size of your circle and it is critiqued as not worthy. Yet there are cookies and cakes sold that are beautiful in their complexity but lack the flavor or texture to make you want to eat it!  imPerfect Pastries is an expression that emphasizes flavor before presentation, and points out that no two things are exactly the same. I strive to only make recipes that I have tested to know they are the best that can be had and will taste amazing.



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